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NBA 3-Pointers

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The math states that scoring one-third of your shots from behind the 3-point line is as good as scoring half your shots from inside the line. In other words: Shooting as many 3s as possible will likely lead to a higher score.

The league took notice, and teams and players followed suit. 3s have become so prevalent in recent years that fans are criticizing the league for being oversaturated with them. Critics worry that the game is on the verge of becoming boring because everyone is trying to do the same thing. And that’s led some to wonder if the NBA should move the 3-point line back.

With the training and analysis athletes receive today, moving the 3 point line will just delay the problem to maybe a decade out. At this point, we need to re-examine the cost/reward structure of the current NBA scoring rules. And I don’t see that happening until the NBA starts loosing attendance revenue.