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No Such Thing as the “Invisible Hand of the Market”

Unregulated capitalism

Kathryn Baecht elegantly sums up unregulated capitalism brillianty:

Santa isn’t real, the Tooth Fairy is imaginary, and there’s no such thing as the “invisible hand of the market.”


Look, here’s the unvarnished truth. Capitalism is corrupt, craven, and continuously enriching the mega rich, further impoverishing the poor and incessantly squeezing the middle class like a python wrapped around the abdomen of a cute furry little animal. No, not Mr. Whiskers specifically, son, some other cute little animal. One that we never met.

It’s time we as a society stop believing the capitalism fairytale. Unregulated capitalism is destroying our planet, stealing our youth’s future and grinding us down for benefit of the one percenters. Unregulated capitalism makes you poor, miserable — and short.