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Republicans Call for Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden

Yesterday Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced he is calling on his committees to open formal impeachment inquiry on President Biden. Never mind the fact that they have nothing on Biden.

This so called serious allegations are going to lead to nowhere fast.

The Constitutional standard for impeachment is treason, bribery, or other high crimes an misdemeanors. They don’t have have any wrong doing of any kind by President Biden. The Republicans have thousands and thousands of pages of documents they have subpoenaed and received, dozens of hours of testimony and witness interviews. All of this disproves their claims - that he was not involved in in any of Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

Not to mention that the Republican party’s leading candidate and most probable Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proven corrupt administration that the Democrates could easily haul out:

  • Trump’s egregious violation of the emoluments clause
  • Jared Kushner, while he was serving in the White House, received 2 billion dollars from the Saudis
  • Trump’s most probable disqualification of even running in the 2024 election based on Section 3, Article 14th of the Constitution.

It’s important to understand what is really going on here - the Republican’s are trying to desperately distract the American public from the train wreck that is about to happen. Its Hillary Clinton’s emails all over again.

The Republican party is a clown show.