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Leica M11 Monochrom

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Leica M11 Monochrom

David Rocks reviewing the Leica M11 Monochrom for Bloomberg:

If you think there’s the soul of a Robert Capa or Henri Cartier-Bresson lurking deep inside your creative heart, you might find it with Leica’s new $9,195 M11 Monochrom, the fifth entrant in the brand’s series of noncolor cameras. Leica’s sturdy bodies and sharp lenses have been the gold standard for photography since the company first released a portable 35 millimeter camera in 1925. The M11 harks back to those analog roots: It doesn’t have autofocus, and you must control the aperture by hand—though ISO and shutter speed can be set to automatic.

Err. Awesome camera and, yes, this awakens my inner hipster. But $9,195 - without a lens? And this is Leica - a simple 50mm f2 lens will run you an additional $2,895. Thats a mighty big $13,000 fashion statement if you ask me.

Instead - get the Pentax K3 Mk III and a 43mm 1.9 for less than $3,000 - spend the remaining $10,000 bringing out your inner Henri Cartier-Bresson.