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Hunt for the Titan Submersible

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Betsy Reed, in an editorial in The Guardian:

A massive operation is under way to find and save a stricken vessel and its passengers. As time passes, anxious families and friends wait with growing fear. The US coastguard, Canadian armed forces and commercial vessels are all hunting for the Titan submersible, which has gone missing with five aboard on a dive to the wreck of the Titanic in the north Atlantic. The UK’s Ministry of Defence is also monitoring the situation.

It is hard to think of a starker contrast with the response to a fishing boat which sank in the Mediterranean last week with an estimated 750 people, including children, packed onboard. Only about 100 survived, making this one of the deadliest disasters in the Mediterranean.

The incredible 24-7 coverage 5 white rich thrill seekers received, not to mention the millions of tax payer money spent on their rescue, while the 600+ immigrants who died barely got any mentioned in the media.

Such a sad commentary on our collective priorities.