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Enshittification at Scale

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Andy Brice writing on Large Language Models and the start of the technological singularity:

But I don’t think so. Human nature being what it is, LLMs are inevitably going to be used to churn out vast amount of low quality ‘content’ for SEO and other commercial purposes. LLM nature being what it is, a lot of this content is going to be hallucinated. In otherwords, bullshit. Given that LLMs can generate content vastly faster than humans can, we could quickly end up with an Internet that is mostly bullshit. Which will then be used to train the next generation of LLM. We will eventually reach a bullshit singularlity, where it is almost impossible to work out whether anything on the Internet is true. Enshittification at scale. Well done us.

I agree. Maybe this is the new SkyNet scenario - you don’t need to take controll of all the nukes and bomb humanity to the stone ages. You just need to load up the information highway with so much bullshit so that the modern internet is completely useless.