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Brexit - 3 Years On

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Three years into Brexit - many of the voters are now realizing how they were duped.

My plans for me and my wife, was not to retire, but spend winters in Spain. It’s changed because I can still spend the winter in Spain, but its the amount of money I’m made to spend to have that. That luxury. Before I didn’t have to think about that luxury. It was already made for me.

Unfortunately the bubble has burst. There is so many people selling up in Spain, pensioners who just can’t afford to live there. Because the insurance alone, got me to travel 90 days and back, 90 days and back, with my health 2,300 [pounds] for insurance. On top of the 6,000 pounds for rent.

When asked - would you vote for Brexit again?

I wouldn’t even consider voting to come out with Brexit. I would not consider doing it. The simple reason is we was promised. Lets get it right - It was all about stopping people from coming into England. Forget the trimmings around the edges, it was just stopping people. Our Prime Ministers and others telling us all these pretty things, which like a fool, we fell for it. It’s as simple as that.

And here is an other pensioner on the situation:

I don' think Spanish will turn English away. Because they are a big part of the economy here.

What did you think would happen? We are in an interdependent world now. The EU members understand that and are willing to work together to bring about better outcomes for their citizens.

More importantly - why would the Spanish pay for services that do not benefit them? You can’t join a club and then not pay the dues because ‘they are so important’ and still be expected to remain a member.

The amount of ignorance, arrogance and lack of self awareness is mind numbing. Maybe the MAGA Trumpers here in the US should look at Brexit and learn a valuable lesson.

But then again – MAGA takes ignorance, arrogance and lack of self awareness to an all new level.