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A Walkable Community Devoid of Cars

Lectric Ave

Oliver Milman reporting on a new housing development in Phoenix, Arizona that is devoid of cars :

But it is here that such a neighborhood, called Culdesac, has taken root. On a 17-acre site that once contained a car body shop and some largely derelict buildings, an unusual experiment has emerged that invites Americans to live in a way that is rare outside of fleeting experiences of college, Disneyland or trips to Europe: a walkable, human-scale community devoid of cars.

Culdesac ushered in its first 36 residents earlier this year and will eventually house around 1,000 people when the full 760 units, arranged in two and three-story buildings, are completed by 2025. In an almost startling departure from the US norm, residents are provided no parking for cars and are encouraged to get rid of them. The apartments are also mixed in with amenities, such as a grocery store, restaurant, yoga studio and bicycle shop, that are usually separated from housing by strict city zoning laws.

The European concept of of “third place” (1st place: work, 2nd place: home, 3rd place: communal spaces) directly correlates with quality of life / happiness of people.

The American obession with cars is killing us - relegating us to an isolated life of home/car/work. Thats surviving, in isolation. Glad to see that at least some attempts are being made to transition to a better way of life.