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America Sucks at Everything

Americans, despite living in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, have a much worse standard of living than people who live in poorer countries.

Whats worse is that these same Americans rail against anything that the progressives in the country try to do to benefit them. The political class has created many boogeymen - socialism, socialized medicine, communism, death panels, etc. - to scare the population so they can quietly transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the corporations and the well connected.

And this combination of fear and ignorance is so powerful that the population happily retreats into a make believe world where America is somehow pre-ordained to be the greatest country on earth.

The first part of solving any problem is to admit you have a problem. It is time for the US citizenry to admit that beyond child poverty, military power, number of incarcerated citizens, deaths due to gun violence - America sucks at everything.