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Why Rappers Stopped Writing

Is this good for the music? The jury is out, even within hip-hop. But in this behind-the-scenes video — the latest entry in our Diary of a Song series, which documents how popular music is created — we track the generational shift through exclusive studio footage of young rappers like Doechii, Veeze and Lil Gotit, plus interviews with genre veterans including the artist Killer Mike and the producer Just Blaze, to track this creative shift and its effects on the still-experimental genre of hip-hop, 50 years after its birth.

I wouldn’t say this is just in the hip-hop community, but throughout most modern music.

Writing is hard. Committing words to paper requires thought, examination and revision. It forces you to ask the question - is this what I want to say to the world?

To me this is just being lazy. Its throwing things against the wall to see what works now. In the moment. Sure, this might work commercially today, but will any of these “punch-in” tracks be relevant 10, 20, or 50 years from now?

To the question ‘Is this good for music?’

No. It is not.