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US Healthcare: Functioning Exactly as It's Meant To

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So lets get the facts straight first:

  • America spends more money per capita on health care than any other nation on earth.
  • 16% of the GDP goes towards health care - to put that into perspective, we spend 2.4x more on on the military (3.1% of GDP) and welfare programs (3.6% of GDGP) combined.
  • we have more uninsured and under insured citizens then any other developed country.
  • life saving drugs often cost 10x what they cost in other countries.
  • 500,000+ citizens go bankrupt due to medical bills.
  • Life expectancy is dead last when compared to other developed nations.
  • US has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates.

Its gotten so bad that towards the beginning of the corona virus, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology requested students in the US to come home:

In accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD), NTNU strong recommends that all NTNU students who are outside Norway return home. This applies especially if you are staying in a country with poorly developed health services and infrastructure ando/or collective infrastructure, for example the USA. The same applies if you do not have health insurance.

How can you expect any other outcome? The US health care system is a for profit system in a market place that does not have a true supply/demand curve. When you are sick, seeking health care is not a option. So by definition there is no competition and prices can only go up.

The US health care system is a cruel and inhumane system that prioritizes profit over its citizens. It is working exactly as it was designed.