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Why Modern Movies Suck

Notice how modern movies suck? Okay, maybe I am turning into an old man and just screaming at clouds. The Critical Drinker sums up the problem with the current state of cinema perfectly:

People hired to actually write this stuff - I’ve said it before that character is only ever as smart, capable and resourceful as the person writing them. And well you don’t need me to tell you that holywood creatives these days aren’t exactly paragons of tough stoic confident self-reliance. They are the kind of people who consider mean tweets to be on par with mass murder. In fact most of them have lived the kind of safe comfortable sheltered lives that previous generations could only dream of. Never experiencing anything resembling hardship, adversity, or danger. The kind of stuff that actually builds character, self confidence, life experience and generally makes you a more interesting and capable person. The end result of all this is a generation of writers that are weak, fragile, spoiled, narcissistic, emotional, and insecure - completely unable to handle adversity, conflict, masculinity or anything that challenges their own self image. In short they are basically children inhabiting adult bodies. As a result they lack the experience and maturity needed to write smart confident capable adult characters. Look at the results.

Want proof - just take a look at the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Even the title is sophomoric. Actual dialog:

Indiana Jones: You Stole it!

Jurgen Voller: Then you stole it.

Helena: And then I stole it. It’s called capitalism.

Um. Okay.

Anyway - thats all I have for today. Go away now.