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Tennessee Lawmakers Expelled From State House Over Gun Control Protests


This week, Tennessee Republicans removed two of their black Democratic legislators, while miraculously allowing the white legislator to keep her job. Tennessee Republicans aren’t even trying to hide their bigotry. It is so obvious and egregious that it feels like something out of the 1950s.

Republicans voted to ban black lawmakers from their democratically elected positions for speaking out on gun violence. They banded together and accomplished this in 24 hours, even before debating the possibility of taking any action to curb gun violence after three children were slaughtered in school.

It is astounding to witness what the Republican Party can do and the speed with which they can do it when they put their minds to it. Expelling two black legislators who were protesting gun violence? They accomplished that in 24 hours. Trying to address the issue of nine-year-olds being shot in school? All they can offer are thoughts and prayers. Instead, they are actively working to loosen gun laws. Current bills on the floor include lowering the minimum age for carrying guns from 21 to 18 and allowing permit-less open carry or concealed carry of any gun, including AR-15s.

The Republicans are digging their own graves when it comes to the upcoming elections.