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Goodbye Garmin

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Apple’s new rugged Apple Watch Ultra is causing Garmin some sleepless nights. In a tweet following the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch event Garmin states that it measures battery life in “months” and “not hours.”

Not quite - Garmin claims that it measures battery life in months, with the Enduro 2 as having “up to 150 hours of battery life in GPS mode with solar charging” and “up to 34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.” Sure it’s a longer battery life, but is at a significantly less features than the Apple Watch Ultra at a cost of $300 more.

Apple is promising up to 36 hours of normal use and up to 60 hours with watchOS 9’s new Low Power Mode setting and other optimizations. But the caveat here is that the Apple Watch Ultra‌ also has a wide range of advanced sensors, including the ability to take an ECG, measure blood oxygen level, alerts for high and low heart rates, and a new body temperature sensor focusing on women’s health.

The Apple Watch Ultra‌ is offered in a 49mm case and costs $799, while the Enduro 2 costs $1,099.

Garmin is fighting Apple with a product with less features costing $300 more. not a good situation to be in - and something I would not be tweet bragging about.

Goodbye Garmin.