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Creative Minimal Photography

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Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda create minimal photographs that incorporate themselves creatively into the image.

From their website:

Their particular style is characterized by their visual sense of humor, creativity, precision, and a delicate aesthetic inspired by the city, geometry, and minimalism. By combining their spatial awareness and their artistic vision, primarily based on simple shapes and bold patterns, they have succeeded in establishing magnetic and joyful narratives that smartly suggest both the nature of human relations and the fascination with the urban environment.

Although it may seem surprising or hard to believe, besides some basic image processing, Anna and Daniel create these surreal scenes without the use of photo editing software. Instead, they carefully set the scene in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations, and tons of natural light.

Check out this great interview with the duo at The Darkroom Podcast:

Here are some images from their website: