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I'm Gonn Give You Facts...

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Jordan Klepper on what hopefully is the last Trump rally of the 2020 campaign:

Tony, I need my sheet. I’m gonna give you facts. That fact sheet.

That fact sheet is in my car.

Trump supporter pulling out her cell phone to find those facts.

Okay, jobs added 4 million. Under Biden and Obama negative 2.8 million.

What is your website you are on?

I don’t know.

And what is going to happen if Trump doesn’t win the 2020 election? What are his bat shit crazy supporters going to do?

I will not live under a socialist government. Just look up the three red flags on the Biden campaign poster, there’s three red lines.


Look it up on Google.

Well I think it’s an E

Its supposed to be an E but look at the tree red flags or red banners.

And they mean?


He snuck communism right there on the flag?

You got it.

you don’t want to be in a place with socialized medicine?


So where would you go?

I am gonna look at Costa Rica.

Costa Rica? Which has universal health care?

Yea, I mean, I’m not gonna live under socialist rule. I don’t think Biden is gonna make the four years, and the camelback, forget it.

Camelback? Who’s that?


These people are so ignorant. Whats scary and disturbing is how they all revel in their ignorance. And ignorance would be bad enough - if not for their racism. Here is hoping that this is an anomaly in American political history. Seven More days to go…