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Back to the Future 35th Anniversary

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Hard to believe Back to the Future is 35 years old this year.

One of the greatest movies ever made. Easily the best time-travel story. The writing is rock-solid, the double-act of Michael J.Fox & Christopher Lloyd are the heart and soul of this story and the timeless and epic score of Alan Silvestri gives the movie so much heart that makes it feel larger in scale.

This movie has something that modern Hollywood lacks - a soul. Very few movies today have performances that make you want to watch them again. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen it over the years but I still laugh every time Biff gets “the make like a tree” line wrong and the penultimate Clock Tower scene is a still a pulse-racing experience to this day. Doc Brown is on of my favorite characters of all time.

35 years. Watch it today and its just as charming, funny, nail biting as when I saw it when I was as 12. They just don’t make movies like they used to. Here is a reimagining using 8 fan made animations that Universal strung together to reimagine Back to the Future.

And here is a recent cast re-uniting:

And I am still waiting for my hover board.