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Chris Christie Speaks on COVID-19

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Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is doing well after his bought with COVID-19 and spending 7 days in the ICU. He was given Eli Lilly anti-body treatment along with Remdesivir. In his own words:

so I received both of those in combination very early on in my illness. The doctors decided that because I am an asthmatic tat they wanted to be very aggressive with the treatment and I am, you know, very fortunate that I have a great hospital right near my home, I have health insurance and I was able to have myself taken care of quickly before the disease got out of control.

While I am glad that Governor Christie is doing well, he received health care that most Americans do not have access to. We have almost 40 million people who don’t have insurance. Most that do, have insurance that would not fully cover the treatment that Governor Christie has received.

And his party is working to remove what little protections that most Americans do have. The privilege on display is repulsive.