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Corona Virus in Nursing Homes

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Ireland, a country with 448 deaths as of today, has successfully contained the Covid-19 in their country. How did they do it?

  • Acted quickly
  • Shut down all public celebrations - they canceled St. Patrick’s day!
  • Mobilized the health care industry through strong federal government management.
  • Test quickly, tracked contacts, and enforced isolation.

This effectively contained them to 448 deaths in all of Ireland. Upon further investigation they noticed that more than half of those deaths were in nursing homes.

The health director of Ireland, having secured the general population, is now directing resources. He is asking all health care workers, firefighters, nursing aids, even caterers to work in nursing homes. Further more, he is guaranteeing that these volunteers will get paid and receive proper protective equipment.

With the US nursing homes under siege, what is our government doing? NOTHING. They are left to fend for themselves.

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