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Trump & Pence on Healthcare

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When Pence was asked by Fox no less, about how we are going to cover Americans without healthcare - Pence:

So I was at Walmart this afternoon in South Carolina ….

The pandemic has shown not only the fragile state of the economy, but how flawed our health care system is.

With the Covid-19 pandemic expected to cause 20+ million being unemployed - adding to the already 40+ million people without health insurance, now is the time for a single payer health care initiative if ever there was one.

If they are serious, here is how you would answer that question:

For now, the next stimulus bill will cover all Corona Virus related medical costs. Americans will not have to worry. Once we get past this pandemic - and we will - I will be meeting with both sides of the isle so that we can provide every American guaranteed access to the health care they need

But instead we get a long winded answer, that talks about how Walmart is stepping up to the plate. Trump isn’t going to do anything. Biden won’t either. We need Bernie and his Revolution.